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Product Details:

The Lifestyle Black 3-piece sectional Faux Leather Sofa is modern stylish living room furniture. This Black Leather Sectionals cushion is loaded with high-quality foam and innerspring that provide great comfort and durability. Also, included a matching ottoman and was designed carefully with seam strength that looks good and comfortable. This sofa can easy to assemble with important tools are all included.

The Faux Leather Couch cushions you can easily rest your back against are cozy and make up for it that really awesome. The modern black sectional sofa ottoman comes with a storage compartment and adding an advantage to this gorgeous design. Black Leather Sectional With Chaise made of standard quality leather and material. Attractive design and the comfort zone will make your living room perfect. The black sectional with Storage Ottoman great addition to any type of den, home, or living room.

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Additional Informational

  • Colour- Black.
  • Free shipping.
  • Ultra-modern styling.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Using comfort foam in the seat.
  • One free storage ottoman with two beautiful square pillows.
  • Available Right & left-facing sectional sofa.
  • Interlocking metal device.
  • Attractive and luxurious faux leather upholstery.
  • Made of the wooden frame covered in standard quality faux leather.

Dimensions & Other Information

  • Weight- 76 pounds.
  • Number of Pieces- 03.
  • Seating Capacity- 06.
  • Cushions- Removable.
  • Material Type- Polyurethane.
  • The weight of Shipping – is 255 pounds.
  • Overall Dimensions- 105 inches x 33 inches x 76 inches.
  • Sofa- 71.5 W inches x Deep 32 inches x Height 35 inches.
  • Chaise- W 74.5 inches x Deep 32 inches x Height 35 inches.
  • Ottoman- W 37 inches x Deep 24.5 inches.

Black Leather Sectional

Faux Leather Sofa Customer Rating:

Faux Leather Sofa Set

The Faux Leather Sectional Sofa customer rating really awesome. High-Quality material and affordable price with the black color sectional- satisfied whole customer. We find 4.3 out of 5 stars that great rating for another sofa. This modern sofa is great for any type of apartment or living room.

Most important Customer Question & Answer:

Black Leather Sectional couch

Question: What are the measurements for the Ottoman?

Answer: Ottoman is about 3 ft. Long, 2 feet wide, and stands about 1.5 feet off the floor. Plus, the entire padded top is hinged so U can store items inside the ottoman. Very convenient and comfortable to put UR feet up. I’ve had mine for 6 mos. No complaints. No breakdown. Easy to clean; And for the price, I’m very satisfied.

Question: How do you wash the seat cushions? they are sewed onto the faux leather, aren’t they?

Answer: Vacuum the cushion seams. Then you can wipe it down all over with a soft cloth & favorite light fragrant soap or disinfectant. If U do, get a washable sofa cushion padded cover.

Question: Faux leather – How durable is this?

Answer: I have only had the sectional for a few weeks but so far it looks to be very durable. I have 4 cats and it has held up to them very well. Looks great in the living room too. Faux Leather Sofa was built very well. I hope that it will last for quite a few years.

Question: Is everyone that bought this still happy with their purchase?

Answer: Yes, we are. It’s really a good buy from Amazon. Black Leather Sectional is comfortable and classy.

Question: Is the sectional comfortable?

Answer: Yes, comfortable. I love this Black Faux Leather Sofa.

Question: If you’re sitting on the normal part of the couch, which side would the chaise be on- your right or left?

Answer: The chaise is on your right while sitting on the couch. It is on your left standing in front and looking at the couch.

The Faux Leather Sofa provides great comfort and beautiful smart design. Best for your living room. This sofa made of High-Quality material with durable. Affordable price and looking beautiful.

Black Leather Sectional With Chaise

Black Leather Sectional Sofa Few Customer Reviews on Amazon:

Faux Leather Sofa Reviews


I love it came with directions but I didn’t need them it took about six minutes to build the sectional is a little bit bigger than I thought but it looks better than I thought it would this is a great buy.

Melanted Motherof

I love this item, two kids (1&5), and the wear and tear are holding up well. Comfortable sleeping if necessary. Great product.


Great sofa and fast free shipping. Easy to assemble and so far it looks like a great deal for my family. Thank you.


The sofa sectional was better looking than I expected. The faux leather holds up well and looks good. It’s easy to assemble.

Brittany Mangold

Faux Leather Sofa is the most comfortable couch I have ever owned! My husband, son, daughter, and I are all able to rest comfortably with our feet up at the same time. It can also seat up to 10 people if needed. Great for hefty people.

Keith Pierce

Great quality! I’ve only had it for a few days but it feels very solid. Looks great too. I even got it almost a week ahead of schedule. Very easy to put together as well. I would definitely buy it again.

  • Free shipping.
  • Cushions removable.
  • Affordable price.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Available Right & left-facing sectional sofa.
  • One free storage ottoman with two beautiful square pillows.

  • Little too low the ground.

Faux Leather Sectional Sofa

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In the end time, we are trying to get accurate information Faux Leather Sofa. We find out these sofas good and bad sites that are helpful for every person. This sofa was really very smooth and comfortable the whole sectional. Perfect match for any type of living room or apartment. Beautiful design and modern style make your home perfect. Also, this sectional looks great and is a nice size that can fit 4 people comfortably; and can fit 5 people if needed. Thank you for reading our whole review.

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