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What are the types of  Best leather?

There are four types of Best leather, you might hear about it,

  1. Full grain leather
  2. Top grain leather
  3. Genuine leather
  4. Bonded leather

Yeah, so the first and best kind of leather that you can buy is Full Grain Leather when we go back into the leather shop. We’ll talk more about the different grades of leather and we’ll show you examples. But for now, I just want to get the terms out so that you can be thinking about them.

The next is Top Grain Leather; the most common one, that you see is Genuine Leather. It’s also the most deceiving as far as the grade that you get. And then the worst one by far Bonded Leather, it’s so bad that you don’t see it very often but we’re going to throw it in here. Just for fun!

When a hide comes off of the cow it can be extremely thick like this is one of the thicker pieces that you can buy. It’s over or just at a quarter of an inch thick.

So, if I wanted to make a wallet out of this piece, it would be way too thick for us to want to even attempt to make a while. I mean, would you really want that in your pocket? So what we have to do is we have to split it down.

Now we can split things here and I’ll do that to show you what the process is like, but typically, we buy the leather at the thickness that we want from the tannery.

That has a lot of advantages for us. Because it makes it more cost-effective and they can do a better job but also has a lot of advantages for the tanneries. Because they take the throw away from the splitting process and they sell that as well. So this is what happens when you think it down.

Now, this is the top grain leather, the full grain part of the leather that we like, and want to keep this is the throwaway part and that is what tannery sales and get rid of all. Right?

So I wanted to just kind of rank these really quickly, and then I’ll explain why they’re ranked the way that they are!

  1. Full grain leather (Best)
  2. Top grain leather (Great)
  3. Genuine leather (not really good)
  4. Bonded leather (Don’t buy it!)

Top Grain Leather

So a full-grain leather Best Leather Sofa is the best. Top grain leather is also great leather. Genuine leather is not really good leather. And the bonded leather is a scam I guess.

 Full grain leather and genuine leather:

Genuine Leather

So, the thing is that, when you have good full grain leather, like this piece, right here, you have a lot of variation and see you get scars and fat wrinkles and all sorts of things like the picture.

So, when we’re making something out of leather, we have to work around all of that and the fact that we have to pay for this part of the letter. But we don’t use it makes the full grain and top grain leather expensive.

But the thing is that the difference between the strength of this top-grain piece, and this exact same thickness, that was split off of this so they went like this.

The full-grain piece is three to four times stronger than the top grain leather. So, the a massive difference between the quality. The Best Leather Sofa craziest thing is that when we split this down so that we can work with it.

Bonded Leather

And, the top grain leather that we’re talking about. It’s, it’s really good but there is all this waste. So when a tannery sees all this waste they think, we need to figure out a way to make money off from full grain, because that’s a waste but what do they do if they sell it to the people in China.

So, what they do is, they take all of the full grain stuff and they pour a bunch of plastic and waxes and oils all sorts of things whatever they can and they make it look the top grain leather again and, you know, they can make it look like pretty realistic. It’s surprising how realistic they can make it look.

Even they can do pebbling just like the below picture. They’ll start with the split that looks like top grain leather. They’ll make it look like this with the pebbling just by pouring plastic on it. And then also, by embossing it, and stamping it to look like full grain leather. You think that this is full grain leather. For example in the below picture.

This is good strong full grain leather. It has some amazing stuff and it looks. You can see the Pebbling in it. This is a pretty desirable thing but they can make even the genuine leather, look like that. It’s really surprising that what they can do. So, the thing is that full grain leather toughest.

Full Grain Leather Sofa

The reason that the full grain leather is the toughest is the part that is exposed to the world. It’s the outside of the skin on the animal. It has to be the toughest because there are barbed wire and other cows that are rubbing up against them.

And where the hair is, it’s just made to be really strong. And that part of the leather is woven really tightly. If you were to look at the fibers under a microscope, they would be woven really tight zig-zag, and really dense.

Full Grain Leather Sofa

Now, if you look at the part, that’s closest to the muscle cow, if we take the, how do these go together! So, if we look at the full grain leather part. that’s are against the muscle of the cow. This part of the leader is much softer and more stretcher. If you look at it under a microscope, the fibers are very linear and so it’s just not nearly as strong.

It’s not nearly like the dance of leather either. That’s why the full grain leather is really strong. It takes a lot of effort to stretch but when you have split the genuine leather which came off the exact same piece, it stretches and rips like a joke!

This is what genuine Best Leather Sofa is made out of technically it’s real leather because it came off the same cow and the exact spot as the full grain leather. But the problem is that it’s not strong. It’s really is not anywhere nearly as good as leather as the full grain. The full grain leather is great for Best Leather Sofa furniture and it is expensive stuff.

Grain Leather Sofa

On the other hand, genuine leather is just made to be as cheap as possible because it’s literally the garbage by-product. It is pretty innovative, but it doesn’t yield a good product. You know, when you buy genuine leather like a leather belt, it only lasts you six months.

This is why it’s because of the garbage part of the leather. It’s frustrating to see so much genuine leather stuffs in the department store. We’re just totally overfilling all of our landfills, and that’s the wrong way to look at products. We’ve talked a lot about the genuine letter and full grain leather.

Top Grain Leather:

Now the top grain leather is another story. The top grain leather is still the top layer of the leather. But it has all of the scars and the imperfections that come in the full grain; it has all of those removed. The reason they remove that, it’s because a lot of people don’t like to see the pebbling or the scars, or in the brand or something like that.

So, they shave just barely the top layer off that leather. So that’s the difference between like this leather. As you have seen above the full-grain leather that we use on a lot of our bags, but definitely has some stripes and Marks, and things like that are still the toughest. Now, this is the top grain leather in the picture below.

Top Grain Leather Sofa

This leather is just about as strong as the full grain leather, but they’ve shaved off the top and there are not nearly as many defects in it. The Europeans especially love this look. It is a super clean consistent look of the leather.

Some Americans like that as well but they like it much that has some variation and some color and a little bit of patina and, and look really unique in one of a kind.

So that’s really the difference between full grain and top grain leather is just the appearance. It’s really good leather, not just as strong. This type of leather is good for making a durable sofa.

So we’ve covered full grain, top grain the genuine leather is the garbage part. If you can try not to buy genuine leather whenever you can. Because you can see that, it just not gonna last.

Bonded leather:

Now, I’m going to talk about bonded leather. The Best Leather Sofa is equivalent to particle board. The Particleboard is ground up bits of wood all glued and compressed together to make it aboard.

It’s just not good. If you have a choice, what do you want in your house? There is no real structure or there is no real nature to it. We would not recommend it.

Genuine Leather Couches

At last, I just want to say thanks for reading Best Leather Sofa guide. I hope you learn something from this article. Sorry, I’m not very good at it yet. I will get better and I have a lot more to share.

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