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This sofa construction Coaster Home Furnishings Company. The Power Headrest Storage Arms with Three Seater Sofa Multipurpose Modern Reclining Sofa.

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Delange Reclining Power Sofa with Adjustable Headrests and Storage in Armrests Black

Delange Power Reclining

Description Of Delange Power Reclining:

The Delange Modern stylish Power Reclining Sofa is made of High-Quality Black Faux Leather.

This pretty collection is attractively designed with scoop seating. This leather Reclining Sofa is a contemporary style and smooth low profile arms.

Furthermore, this sofa chaise style seating is different from other sofas, and super great neck support creates a satisfiable set to lounge around in as well.

Includes modern technology hidden LED lighting fixtures, power headrests, and cup holders with drop down backrests.

You can touch the monitoring feature extra USB port with Storage between the armrests.

Additional Information

  • Power headrests.
  • Cup holders.
  • Neck support.
  • Three Seater Sofa.
  • Drop down backrest.
  • Extra USB port.
  • Comfortable with scoop seating.
  • Hidden LED lighting fixtures.
  • Made of Black Faux Leather.

Dimensions & Others

  • Free Shipping.
  • Comfortable.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Multi-functional.
  • Weight- 286 Pounds.
  • Covered high-quality leather.
  • Overall Dimensions- 85 inches x 40.2 inches x 41.8 inches.
  • Assembled- Height – 42 inches, Width- 40 inches, Length- 85 inches.

Power Reclining Sofa

Why Delange Power Reclining Sofa Best In The Market:

The Coaster Home Furnishings construction is Power Reclining With Adjustable Headrest area.

This sofa uses a modern stylish gadget that provides the extra facility for your family Power Reclining With Adjustable Headrest members.

Also, this sofa is covered with Quality Black Faux Leather and a comfortable seating area.

The sofa has a hidden wood grain fold in-out table/two cup holders. After that when folded all the way in you’ll never have an idea that was a great hidden area.

This sofa has beautiful two lights at the top of the centerfold is turned on and press the buttons at the cup holder area and can be turned off purely if you like.

The whole cup holder control has a built-in USB section on the side to charge your phone etc that provides the extra facility.

Also, these power reclining sofa LEDs around each cup holder and the buttons are also fewer.

 Black Faux Leather

Recommended Leather cleaning method:

When necessary clean instantly with a mild soap mixed with purified water on a soft clean napkin.

Firstly this Reclining sofa small hidden area tries to clean. This washing process is recommended for corrected leathers, never for natural grades of leather.

Warranty and Services:

Delange Power Reclining Sofa

The Coaster Home Furnishings are provided better customer service. This Delange Power Reclining Sofa  1-year Warranty from the date of purchase.

Warranty is a great facility for any type of product. When you need a warranty, kindly visit this website.

Customer Rating:

Pulsar Dual Power Reclining Sofa Reviews

The Delange Power Reclining sofa Reviews is a satisfying review of the marketplace. The whole customer provides a neutral rating on the Amazon site.

This sofa overall customer Rating of 4.0 out of 5 stars. Recently Customer review has 54 the maximum review very clear and positive.

Power Reclining With Adjustable Headrest


Few Customer Satisfied Review On Amazon:

Delange Power Reclining sofa Reviews

Danielle L Line

So impressive. We got these today and I am absolutely floored by the quality and comfort for the price. We bought two of the sofas to put in our living room instead of the traditional sofa/loveseat combo and it really makes a statement. Do they recline all the way back so who cares? 5 STARS.


This setup is pretty awesome and the recliners feel like they’re hugging you and lifting you up at the same time. Pulsar Dual Power Reclining Sofa Reviews is the best for me.

Richard Shurick

The couch is fantastic with one minor flaw. The center console light plugs into the arm cup led. The only way to power on the center console light is to have a cup holder light on. Other than that I love this couch.


Super nice couches and upgraded leather material. All electronics work great


Came in great shape. Very heavy but everything works and is very comfy. No complaints from us.

Delange Power Reclining sofa related Customer Question & Answer:

 Delange Power Reclining sofa Review

Question: When in three seater mode, can you happily lay on this sofa? or do the bucket style seats hinder that?

Answer: When in three seat mode the sofa is totally plain. Comfortable sufficient to sleep on it when your wife locks the bedroom door.

Question: Does it need assembly when delivered and if so, how difficult is assembly?

Answer: It needs a little assembly and you pretty much just put the three-piece backrests on and plug it in. I did it by myself and it took me Five mins maximum.

Question: How deep is the seat from front to back? I’m 5’10 inches and want to sit all the way back when the chair is in an upright position.

Answer: I’m 6’3 inches. The chair seat is deep enough to fully support my knees when the chair is in the upright position. I would say that it is slightly deeper than the average chair of the type. Note that I have the sofa but I believe all the pieces of the ensemble are the same seating dimensions.

Question: Is this bonded leather or fabric? Is it unclear?

Answer: Leather, Very comfy fixing to buy the recliner chair. Would recommend it to anyone.

  • Versatile.
  • Cheap price.
  • Free Shipping.
  • Comfortable.
  • Easy to clean.
  • 1-Year warranty.
  • Power Reclining Sofa.
  • Hidden LED lighting fixtures.

  • No cons.


Lane Sigma Leather Gel Home Theater Power Recline Multimedia Sofa with Fold-Down Table

Home Theater Seating


The Reclining Home Theater Seating is the ideal pick for your living room and provides extensive comfort. This sofa starts with a pleasing view and down the back site, and seat, the footrest is created a contrast stitching pattern.

Adjusted modern smart headrest provided by great comfort that you can relax very easily and allow you to find the upper body with perfect positioning that’s only best for your individual needs.

Also, this sofa has a standard chaise lounge recline that perfectly eliminates the gap in the seat with your footrest. So, this sofa receives full support and comfort from head to toe.

The Best Home Theater Seating uses beautifully lighted cup holders that outline your drinks with an excellent sky blue that perfectly matches your ambiance and keeps them whole and secure then discreetly brightened in a darkened theater.

Moreover, this sofa’s whole armrest also opens out to reveal wide storage compartments for the placement of remotes, any type of document, newspaper, reading materials, tray tables, and more other important items. The Delange Power Reclining Sofa has a gorgeously Armless Chair and Fold-Down Table.

You can easily fold the center backrest with forwarding of the Fold Down Table seat which provides extra facility and spacious space for trays, reading equipment, pads, and many more above the table.

Also, it has standard quality smart electric comfortable power headrest and this sofa middle headrest flips up to reveal an overhead lighting panel that provides fresh illumination in the darkness.

Using high-tech pop-up input plate with 2 AC adapter ports and 2 USB ports is a great experience.

Best Home Theatre Recliners


Additional Information

  • Leather Gel.
  • Comfortable.
  • Contemporary Style.
  • Storage Console.
  • Multi-functional Features.
  • Durable and elegant.
  • Recline & Powered Headrests.

Dimensions & Others

  • Special offers.
  • Free shipping.
  • Available in two colors.
  • Seat depth- 22 inches.
  • Reclined length- Long 64 inches.
  • Sofa- Height 43 inches x Width 84 inches x Long 36 inches.

Cheap Home Theater Seating

Lane Sigma Home Theater Seating

Special Features:

Premium Leather Gel-

Cheap Home Theater Seating Ideas

Best Home Theater Seating has standard quality is the leather-polyurethane hybrid that creates the softness with rests on top of a layer of fabric, appearance, and texture that emulates a full leather product.

Adjustable Smart Powered Headrests-

Home Theater Seating Clearance

This recliner sofa Adjustable Powered Headrests and whole electric smart durable powered headrest can adjust to a number of different positions at the push of a button that is perfect for you, shoulder strain, and reduce neck important for you.

Fold-Down Table with USB & AC Charging Station-

Used Home Theater Seating

Home Theatre Recliners middle seat is adjusting two high-tech USB ports and two 110v AC power outlets, a table with two cup holders, and a beautiful overhead light.

Power Recline Control Panel-

Home Theater Seating Near Me

On this sofa, you can easily recline your seats. Even Home Theater Seating all electric comfortable power headrests into your perfect position easy by shoving a button on each end seat’s power control panel that versatile function. Also, a convenient USB port very smartly charges your phone and many more electronic devices.

Tray Tables and In-Arm Storage-

Commercial Theater Seats For Sale

The tray tables place your favorite beverage or snack and when not needed, you can stow it away in the in-arm storage.

Ambient Lighted Cup holders-

Home Theater Seating Craigslist

Cheap home theater seating is available to Ambient Lighted Cup holders. When you feel dark then find your beverages easily because cupholders are using emit a gentle azure glow and can be turned on and off easily with the push of a button.

Customer Rating:

Best Home Theater Seating Manufacturers

The Best Home Theater Seating is the perfect reclining for your living room. The customer was satisfied with using this sofa. We find out 3.9 out of 5 stars that very amazing.

Also, the whole customer provides a satisfying review. So, this sofa really very advantageous and versatile.

  • Versatile.
  • Comfortable.
  • Free shipping.
  • Available Special offers.
  • Reclining & Powered Headrests.

  • No cons.

Few Customer Review On Amazon:

Best Home Theater Seating Manufacturers


They barely had enough strength or equipment, but they did get it into my garage. After I got it unboxed I found that my adult son and I could carry it inside. Everything was there and undamaged. It is of good quality and is a great looking piece of furniture.

Setup and hookup were just a matter of installing the back cushions and connecting the electrical connections. I would recommend you get a good quality power strip/surge protector because otherwise, it will hog up your wall sockets.

Roy K. Wilkes

Just received this for today! Love it so far.

Rita B.

This is a fantastic piece of furniture! It arrived in one box, and the seat backs came off to make carrying it upstairs a little easier. The bottom portion is all connected on a metal rail, and it’s the heaviest part of the couch – the side backrests weighed practically nothing.

The middle part, since it contains an additional console, weighs significantly more than the outer backrests. The whole family loves it, and it doesn’t get all hot like a regular leather couch. I got leather instead of a fabric couch because I have two kids who will eventually spill something on it, and so far everything has cleaned up perfectly.

Top Customer Question & Answer:

Best Home Theater Seating 2018

Question: Would this be comfortable to sleep across it?

Answer: I’ve actually fallen asleep a couple of times and yes, it is comfortable.

Question: Is this real leather?

Answer: These are made with a material called Leather Gel. It is a blend of real leather and artificial material.

Question: I see it has lit cup holders. Is there any base lighting (like under the footrest)?

Answer: No base lighting, lighted cup holders, and center lighting under the center headrest when tilted up.

Question: How wide are the legs on this? I have a riser that is 67 inches wide and I am wondering if this would fit.

Answer: The dimensions are 84 inches in width and 37 inches in depth.


Seatcraft Lombardo Leather Home Theater Seating Sofa, Power Recline with Adjustable Powered Headrests

Seatcraft Theater Seating


The Seatcraft  Theater Seating  Multi-functional sofa is an achievement in surrounding the best media or other room seats. Whole seats are created with Standard Quality leather 7000.

This sofa all reclining seats provides extra comfort with an adjustable electric power headrest that finds the upper body position and is perfect for your particular needs.

Also, this modern and stylish sofa chaise lounge reclines that easily remove the gap between the seat. This sofa footrest provides full support from head to toe.

You can easily charge your favorite device because the USB charging station is also located in the right position. Furthermore, this sofa has a beautiful armless chair and fold down table.

This Home Theater Seating easily folds the center backrest and again forward of the fold down table seat which is very simple for you. A beautiful standard quality burl wood table reveals as the centerpiece.

This sofa has modern standard cup holders with reading materials, ample space for trays, an iPad, and many more Above the table.

Cheap Home Theater Seating middle headrest flips up to reveal an overhead lighting panel that provides clear brightness and extra facility when anything you need in the dark.

The Delange Power Reclining Sofa really high-tech experience, because a pop-up input plate just above the table comes equipped with 2 AC adapter ports and 2 USB ports that provide the extra facility for your favorite electric device.

This sofa is made of high-quality materials with a unique gorgeous design. The Seatcraft Lombardo is manufactured for the best comfort experience furniture and craftsmanship that really amazing.

Additional Informational

  • Comfortable.
  • Cool gel foam.
  • Contemporary Style.
  • High-Quality leather and durability.
  • Power recline control panel.
  • Adjustable Powered Headrests.
  • Armless chair & Fold-Down Table.
  • Unique and beautiful design.

Dimensions & Other Specifications

  • Colour- Grey.
  • Free shipping.
  • Multi-functional.
  • Reclined length- 68 inches.
  • Seat depth- 22 inches.
  • Seat height- 20.5 inches.
  • Item Weight- 299 pounds.
  • Sofa- 40.5 inches x 86 inches x 42 inches.

Reclining Home Theater Seating

Seatcraft Prices

Why Best Home Theater Seating:

This sofa is made of hand-selected top grain leather for the finest touch and perfect look with durability.

Reclining Home Theater Seating provides great comfort to the next level with the push of a button.

This reclining sofa has Adjustable Powered Headrests that allow you to always be in the optimal viewing position.

Fold-Down Table canter is available with two 110V outlets, 2 USB charging slots, and overhead lights.

Also, this sofa’s Contemporary Style that enhancement enhances the look of your home and includes these smooth modern armless chairs.

Seatcraft Theater Seating

Home Theatre Recliners Special Features:

Premium Top Grain Leather-

Lane Furniture

Lane Theater Seating uses top grain leather that is quite simple and very finest quality leather. This leather is exclusive and made of luxury material.

Adjustable Powered Headrests-

Lane Omega Home Theater Seating

These electrically powered headrests can be adjustable to a number of several positions at the push of a button with decreased neck and shoulder strain.

Fold-Down Table with USB & AC Charging Station-

Theatre Seats For Sale

This sofa middle seat hides a beautiful table with two cup holders, two USB and overhead lights, and two 110v AC power outlets.

Power Recline Control Panel-

Lane Recliners

You can easily recline your seats and electric power headrests into your favorite position. Also, this sofa has a handy USB port that conveniently charges your phone and many more electronic devices.

Cool Gel Foam-

Palliser Theater Seating

Reclining Home Theater Seating using high-quality cool gel foam ensures that the chair conforms to your body’s natural contours.

Customer Rating:

Lane Home Theater Seating Reviews

Lane Home Theater Seating is the best recliner in the market. This sofa has an unbelievable customer rating. We find out 5.0 out of 5 stars that are very amazing for this sofa. Every customer was truly satisfied with using. So, this sofa customer rating is great.

Seatcraft Theater Seating Reviews On Amazon:

Seatcraft Theater Seating Reviews

S. Holliday

I reluctantly ordered 2 of these. Leather furniture seemed like something I would buy from a local furniture store and not online, however, I took a chance.

Delivery was as expected and on time. The gentlemen were courteous, removed all of the packing materials, brought the couches into my home, placed them where I wanted, and connect the backs to the bottoms.

I have been very pleased with the quality of this product and the purchase experience. Good quality. Would recommend it to anyone.

Cynthia Thornton

I love this Lane Furniture. Have trusted the name for a long time. The delivery was great.

Patrick W. Malloy

It’s well made. More than I could think it would be. I was a little afraid of buying online. One happy family.

Lane Theater Seating

Best Home Theater Seating Top Customer Question & Answer:

Delange Power Reclining sofa Review

Question: How far from the wall does it have to be in tv position?

Answer: The dimensions sheet is showing 12″ for full recline but is incorrect. We will correct it. But to achieve a full recline on the Lombardo, you actually only need about 6 inches from the wall. For T.V. position recline, about half of that.

Question: Is this one whole piece or section? If section, what is the approximate weight per section? Is assembly required?

Answer: The Lombardo sofa and loveseats come in one piece and will weigh about 300 lbs. Some minor assembly is required. The assembly is fairly simple and straightforward, but we recommend having help because of the weight of the chair.

Question: What is meant by, “All seats are constructed with leather 7000 inches?

Answer: Leather 7000 is simply to help customers understand the grade or quality of the leather that’s used on these chairs. A leather of 7000 grade is a high end, top grain leather.

Question: I see conflicting information on the required distance from the wall. What is the actually required distance required?

Answer: The space needed to recline the chairs fully will be 6 inches. We recently remeasured and will update the specification sheets.

  • Free shipping.
  • Multi-functional.
  • Comfortable reclining.
  • Adjustable power headrest.
  • Made of high-quality leather.
  • Armless chair & Fold-Down Table.

  • Expensive.

In Conclusion:

In this review, we are trying to give accurate information about Delange Power Reclining Sofa.

This sofa it’s going to relax a bit after use. This sofa uses Standard Quality materials and sits or reclines easily with the touch of your fingertips.

Easy to clean and durable whole parts. Perfect match for your living room or guest room.

The sofa itself was easy to assemble, literally 5-10 minutes but it does weigh 286lbs so moving it around on carpeting is better done with two people.

Also, this sofa is comfortable and provides really good back support. The powered headrest can be positioned to support your neck, or if you raise it a bit higher it will support your head.

I hope this information is helpful for your purchase time. Thank you very much for reading all the Reviews.

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