Why Queen Size Futon is a Best Furniture For Living Room

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The contemporary Queen Size Futon sofa bed will help you make the most of your space, with suitable multi-function and a beautiful look. The Tan Microfiber Fabric has a modern tufted look, while removable armrests are in addition to the cozy and satisfied look.

A flexible cushion seat and back have given more extra comfort. This sofa set is suited to a living space that every inch is precious. Shiny tubular metal legs in an accurate finishing touch. You can easily convert this sofa to a double bed at night while dropping the back cushion, for a cozy guest bedroom in a moment.

This futon sofa is sure to shine in any modern, contemporary, or transitional style space. You can be added to this excellent sofa set for your small home, apartment, or dorm for a room that everyone will enjoy a nice moment.

Specification Of  Queen Size Futon:

The Best Queen Size Futon Set has been used for extra comfort almost all month. It’s simple to put together. Heavy but, once you screw on the 4 legs (4 screws each), you’ll be ready to use it.

Featuring the click-clack technology, the sofa also easily can be adjusted to a reclining position or to a bed. As a sofa, it’s utilitarian, and functional, but nothing fancy. As a bed, it works quite well.

I placed a feather bed on top, and I’ve been using it every night. You had no back problems, which is really amazing considering you can always sleep on a sofa. Also, this convertible sofa is just what you need to take advantage of your space.

Features Highlight

  • It is a Tan microfiber sofa bed with regard to armrests.
  • Using standard kiln-dried solid wood frame & spiral spring back with webbing.
  • Cozy foam seating and chrome legs.
  • Available color in Brown leatherette, Tan microfiber, and Black leatherette.
  • Comfortable with Removable armrests.
  • Sleek silver metal legs are stored inside the zipper compartment underneath the unit.

Others information

  • Free shipping.
  • Comfortable.
  • Multi-functional.
  • Weight Of Item- 105.6 pounds.
  • Origin in United State.
  • Overall Dimensions Sofa – 76 1/2″L x 36″W x 36 1/2″H.
  • Overall Dimensions Sofa Bed – 76 1/2″L x 47″W x 21″H.
  • Assembled Height- 12 inches, Width- 48 inches, Length- 76 inches, Seat Height- 21 inches.

Futon Sofa Bed Benefit:

I figured the vinyl would hold up better over time. The couch is sturdy and moves easily through all its positions. It sits comfortably.

I can stretch out on it and read and get comfortable. The couch is designed and looks very beautiful. Perfect match for all homes, apartments, and guest rooms.

This Futon Sofa Bed looks very stylish with a high-quality look. The leather on this futon is very nice and exquisite. Also, this sofa provides many more benefits.

Convertible Sofa Bed

Warranty & Services:

Convertible Sofa Bed Queen Size

Queen size futon has a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase in accordance with the conditions. The Coaster should be notified promptly of the defect and supplied a copy of the invoice and delivery ticket.

Inspections by a Coaster worker illustrate or representative necessary to verify that a manufacturing defect exists. If you need any help please contact COASTER FINE FURNITURE.

Customers Review & Rating:

Comfortable Sleeper Sofa is overall perfect and most comfortable. Customers have given a satisfying review of her beautiful look and quality. Recently this sofa bed has a 3.1 out of 5 stars views rating on Amazon.

Gorgeous design makes your home look pretty. So every customer has been happy with the purchase. If you need more reviews for a clear concept kindly cheek customer review.

This multi-functional convertible sofa bed really awesome working. Provides great comfort with large seating area. You can easily convert sofa to bed and bed to sofa. Affordable price and made of high-quality material.

We Find Out Some Customers Review On Amazon, Are Given Below-

Sleeper Sofa

Paul Braun

I have this down in my “man cave” and it looks good and is comfortable. Having people over or if someone wants to sleep on it for a night or two it’s perfect. All you have to do is attach the legs which are really simple and you’re done!

It had a tear in the back of it on delivery that I can live with but the company was really cool about it and took some money off the purchase price for me. I’m almost 6 feet tall and I can lay the couch out and sleep comfortably on it. I think you can even get two people on it if you needed to.


It came very fast from the shipper with no problems. No dings or scratches on the chair. I have it set up in my home office and it looks great. The “set up” itself was very easy, just attach the legs and flip it upright and you’re good to go. Great support, nice and firm. I have not slept on it yet, so that jury is still out. Excellent price.

Michael R.

Very nice and not much assembly required. You just have to attach the legs. Just an FYI the legs, screws, and armrests are at the bottom of a zipper. I love this futon and it’s reasonably priced and also the only one on Amazon that is 76 inches long in the bed form.


I got this for my mother because she was tired of her old white sofas and wanted something darker, and definitely something that wouldn’t attract dog hair. This futon was perfect.

Easy to clean, a great bed for when her friends come to visit, and even she likes to take a nap or three on it! We are very happy with this product.

Dolores Wells

The Best Queen Size Futon Beds exceeded our expectations. My daughter has it in her family room and it is beautiful, It is quite roomy and comfortable to sit on.

I am thinking of ordering one for my spare bedroom and making a television/guest room. Thanks for a great product and great service (as usual) on your delivery. Dee Wells


Love his futon. Very nice for this price range. Fast Delivery. Looks so retro in a room of that kind of decor. Comfortable and easy to make into a bed. Highly recommend.

Frequent Customer Question & Answer:

Queen Size Futon

Question: Is this a full size or twin?

Answer: Full size as far as I can tell. Two people can sleep on it.

Question: How easily does it fold?

Answer: Very easy and comfortable. I have no trouble with it.

Question: What material is used? is it springs based or memory foam.

Answer: Well, that’s a good question, a little of both? Its comfort and cushion, honestly- it’s totally a comfortable couch. I love this Queen Sleeper Sofa.

Question: Is the sofa the same in the picture?

Answer: Yes, the armrest is not attached at all, there are like pillows that you can place anywhere, I purchased this futon for my son, he loves it is close to the ground like a futon but it looks great, as far as being comfortable for sleeping, his friends and he does not seem to mind, it is pretty good, they said. For the price, it is a good buy

Question: Is the mattress attached? Is it like a Futon mattress?

Answer: Yes they are Velcro to it, I love it for the cost.

  • Free Shipping.
  • Comfortable.
  • Best prices.
  • Great bed.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Removable armrests.

  • Extremely low to the ground.

Comfortable Sleeper Sofa

Arden Full Size Futon Set with Mattress Included

Queen Size Futon Sets

The Queen Size Futon is super cushioned and very hard wood frame of great quality. Available more beautiful color and best for the living room, guest, or playroom.

This sofa back is having a hard time staying up since there’s so much cushion. Made of strong durable material and the color is exactly as it looked in the picture. Looking beautiful and took about 2 hours to put together.

Easy to assemble and always takes longer than you would like with very fast shipping. This mattress provides great comfort and is perfect for sleeping. Queen Size Futon sets affordable prices to make the best for your home.

Additional information

  • Free and Fast shipping.
  • Large seating area.
  • Great comfortable.
  • 100% Strong hardwood frame.
  • Included soft microfiber covers.
  • Including solid twill and microfiber tufted covered.
  • Easy to convert a sofa, lounger, and bed.
  • Best for bedroom, living room, or guest room as a sleeper.
  • Mattress made of 4 layers of high-density foam and multi-layer of poly-cotton.

Others Information

  • Whole mattresses are made in the USA.
  • Mattress specs- Premium 8 inches.
  • Material- Hardwood.
  • Color- Twill Red Cover.
  • The frame is crafted in Indonesia.
  • Dimensions- Full Sofa: W 5 inches x D 32 inches x H 33.5 inches.
  • Dimensions- Full Bed: W 5 inches x 54 inches x H 21.25 inches.
  • Futon frame 5 Year Limited warranty and Mattress 4-year limited warranty.

Relevant Customer Question and Answer

Queen Sleeper Bed

Question: My 16-year old son will be visiting this summer. He’s around 5′ 10 inches tall. How would this be to sleep on for two weeks?

Answer: Yes, easily. The mattress is very comfortable, and the same size as a queen sized bed, so he is not too tall.

 Question: Does the queen frame fit any queen futon mattress?

Answer: Yes. it fits well when open as a bed. It is a bit bigger than a soft…takes a while to adjust. I wish I bought a thinner mattress.

Question: What is the length of this when in couch position?

Answer: The dimensions for a queen size Arden is W 80.5 inches (from side to side) x D 32 inches (from front to back in couch position) x H 36 inches (from floor to the top of the back).

Question: This is foldable correct? Like a sofa bed?

Answer: Yes, this is a Queen Sleeper Bed so does fold into a couch… works well, and we like the extra width when we extend it.

Question: Can one person unfold this futon easily or does it take two people?

Answer: I am a short retired female and can get it open quickly enough by myself. However, I ask my husband or the guest to use it to help get it back up to a sitting position.

  • Free shipping.
  • Affordable price.
  • Full-size futon.
  • Large seating area.
  • 100% Strong hardwood frame.
  • Easy to convert a sofa, lounger, and bed.

  • Never perfect for a permanent bed.

DHP 8-inches Independently Encased Coil Full Size Futon Mattress

Queen Size Futon Sets

The DHP 8 inches Microfiber Queen Size Futon Sets are CertiPUR-US certified foam that provides extra comfort. Also, this sofa has great support with it is 522 separately wrapped coils that really awesome.

This furniture best complements to any type of futon. Available in beautiful three-color black, chocolate brown, and tan. This sofa futon arms & frame sold separately that really awesome.

Made of high-quality material and heavy durable at affordable prices. Standard quality tufted microfiber cover looks luxurious and great smart with a smooth feeling to the touch. Best for hosting overnight guests and a comfy bed by night.

Additional information

  • Large seating area.
  • Sleek and looking awesome.
  • Standard quality high-density foam.
  • A versatile function for every home or apartment.
  • Great comfort, 8-inches futon mattress, and 100% Polyester.
  • Perfectly fitting any type of standard quality full-sized futon frame.

Others Information

  • Affordable price.
  • Weight- 50 lbs.
  • Material- Fabric.
  • Available in many more gorgeous colors.
  • Manufacturer- Dorel Home Furnishings.
  • Dimensions- Width-18.5 inches, Depth-21 inches. Height-32.5 inches.

DHP 8-inches Independently Encased Coil Full-Size Futon Mattress

The full-size 8-inches independently Encased Coil Futon Convertible Sofas provide ultimate comfort and superior construction.

This comfortable mattress is made of independently encased coils that provide equal weight distribution with relieving pressure points along your neck, back, hips, and shoulders that are perfect for your body.

The whole coil works independently of the others, also reacting to the pressure that is directly applied to the particular spring and resulting in great comfort, and support with waned motion transfer that really awesome.

The DHP 8-inch futon mattress is topped with standard quality high-density foam. This standard quality high-density foam provides great comfort with the best of all.

Fits perfectly and is available in many more multiple colors. Smart, stylish, modern and it comes in microfiber or linen upholstery to match your favorite full-size futon frame.

Item related Customer Question & Answer

Question: I want to use this primarily as a sofa or couch, also occasionally as a bed for guests. Will it be as comfortable as a sofa?

Answer: I think it’s very comfortable as a couch. Bought one for my son and daughter-in-law, and once I sat on it several times at their house, I bought one for my own futon on my sun porch. It’s the springs that make this new mattress feel so good to sit or lay on, in my opinion.

Question: I am over 300 lbs. Do you think I would feel the coils? Right now have a traditional 8 inches futon I use on a platform that I constructed.

Answer: So I just got this futon and I am in the 280-290 range. It’s fine.

Question: It will be folding as a sofa most of the time & maybe once a month used as a king size bed. Will I hate it as a sofa? Will it stay folded on the couch or sofa?

Answer: Yes, it is actually a very comfortable couch. I have a strong wood frame though I don’t know if it’d be different with a metal one.

Question: Is it possible to roll the mattress for storage? I need this as an extra arrangement and need something that rolls up for storage.

Answer:  It’s more like a traditional mattress. You could definitely fold it, but that would be it for storage. It IS high quality and I would definitely recommend it for comfort and durability and quality.

Question: Is this comfortable enough to be on the floor and sleep with two normal sized adults for two weeks? I want to get it as a guest bed.

Answer: Yes. It’s very thick and comfortable.

Futon Beds Queen Size

  • Comfortable.
  • Full-size full mattress.
  • Affordable price.
  • Multifunctional style.
  • High-density foam
  • Available in many more colors.

  • Not a permanent bed.


The Queen Size Futon sofa bed will be welcome in addition to your home, perfect for smaller spaces like a home, apartment, additional bedroom, and condo.

This sofa bed uses around sit and lounges on this comfortable sofa by day and with a deep seat and high back cushion covered in a soft tan fabric microfiber. It has removable pillow armrests that frame the piece.

while converted to a bed at night time, you can be used as a pillow for overnight stay guests. In addition to this sofa bed to your home to make the most of your valuable space. Great price and comfortable for you. So perfect for use.

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